[pjsip] Assertion failure in today's SVN 20080407

Michael CHRISTOPHER pjsip at encambio.com
Mon Apr 7 11:19:59 EDT 2008

Hello list,

An Mon, Apr 07, 2008, Benny PRIJONO schrieb:
>On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Michael CHRISTOPHER wrote:
>>  Here's another assertion failure that I found when running pjsua
>>  with PJ_CONFIG_MINIMAL_SIZE either set or not. In the source file
>>  pjlib/src/pj/ioqueue_common_abs.c:1200:
>>  ...prints 'pj_ioqueue_set_concurrency: Assertion `allow || 0' failed'
>> [...]
>I think you must have PJ_IOQUEUE_HAS_SAFE_UNREG set to zero somewhere.
>This probably is not a good idea for now, so don't change the default
>value in your config_site.h.
I'm not setting PJ_IOQUEUE_HAS_SAFE_UNREG anywhere, just including
the config_site_sample.h according to the online getting started
example. My config_site.h (really all of it) is:

  #include <pj/config_site_sample.h>

>I've just removed the PJ_IOQUEUE_HAS_SAFE_UNREG=0 setting in
>config_site_sample.h so that it doesn't cause problems.
That solved the assertion problem but hopefully doesn't
introduce some other limitation for which setting the identifier
to 0 would be useful. Thanks to Benny for the help with this one,
as I don't understand it that well.

Now the current SVN build runs again on Linux/ARM, but only without
TLS. See my next message for details.


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