[pjsip] asterisk support any kind of codec and can translate it freely

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Tue Apr 8 04:32:20 EDT 2008

2008/4/8 hlzhangxt <hlzhangxt at 163.com>:
>  Asterisk can support any kind of codec and translate them in asterisk
> server.
> And I test with eyebeam, it works fine, and eyebeam always show the codec
> used is g729, no changing.
> In  then function play_cb there is  comments:
>   /* We're risking accessing the port without holding any mutex.
>      * It's possible that port is disconnected then destroyed while
>      * we're trying to access it.
>      * But in the name of performance, we'll try this approach until
>      * someone complains when it crashes.
>      */
> So i think if you add some mutex, maybe it will work.

Maybe, or maybe not. The code has been like that for ages and it is
fine, as there is a certain step to follow to disconnect the port from
the sound port to avoid the race condition. Sorry I don't know what
are you trying to say here. What's the problem?


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