[pjsip] How I can register PJSUA with ASTERISK

Gianluca Crucillà crucilla at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 08:02:48 EDT 2008

Hi all,

sorry for my english..

one question: how i can register pjsua (pjproject-0.8.0) with the Asterisk

I tried with cmd "+a" but Asterisk answered with a 404 Not Found.

After the "+a" cmd i answered so:

Your SIP URL: sip:   (my IP URL)
URL of the registrar: sip:  (Asterisk IP URL)
Auth Realm: sip:  (Asterisk IP URL)
Auth Username: 9253 (username that Asterisk waits)
Auth Password: 1000

Then i see two SIP-message ( the register request and the answer from

In the 2 side (in PJSUA and in ASTERISK) i can see that the register request
don't have the username..

Asterisk can't register a peer that it don't have the username in the
register request .

Thanks  ..
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