[pjsip] siprtp problem with asterisk

antoine duclaud antoine.duclaud at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 09:02:22 EDT 2008


I actually use siprtp with an asterisk server (2 hosts and one server)

when I use siprtp on the two hosts directly :

./siprtp....   -i          <<host 1 callee
./siprtp...  -i   sip:   << host caller

It's ok, I have results for RX, TX, RTT

when I use siprtp via asterisk (

./siprtp.... -i  << host callee
./siprtp... -i
sip:1112 at<sip%3A1112 at>
<< host caller

I have results for RX but not for TX and RTT (last update never)

Can you help me?

(Sorry for my english maybe not so good)
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