[pjsip] Python wrapper for pjsip on WM devices?

Danny Brown danbrwn at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 09:23:25 EDT 2008

So, now you put py_pjsua_app on your machine. You will see it fault
out on url = sys.stdin.readline() line 589. Thats because in all
likely hood the stdin.readline() does not work since winCE has no
console mode. So, I attempted to redirect standard input , output to a
TKinter entry widget and text widget. That actually worked for the
main thread, but once I had the client successfully register with my
asterisk server, it just hung. Dont really know why.

 So, I moved on to another solution. For me, all of my calls are
originated from the asterisk server anyway, so I really did not need
the input loop app_menu() line 574.  So my app basically overrides a
few things in py_pjsua_app to accommodate limitations on the CE python
port (for example i have my own add_account, app_init,
on_incoming_call that I point the original pjsua_app.

My app_init does this, ua_cfg.cb.on_incoming_call =
pjsua_app_client_on_incoming_call (this is my on_incoming). So
basically I was able to keep all the functionality of the pjsua_app.py
in tact, and just import it and redirect stuff.

A true TKinter app could be produced if someone could figure out why
the app freezes once the client has successfully registered. I
actually needed to create my own windprocedure for the TKinter app i
created anyway, so I did not bother to investigate why everything
hung. I basically am using the TKinter so I can get into the message
loop but really am not doing anything graphically.

I am really very new to python and Tkinter so, I probably am not the
best guy to spearhead anything along this line. I will be glad to help
if I can. I can tell you two things, "Python Rocks!" and pjsip is

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