[pjsip] mac os, darwin build for xcode?

Norman Franke norman at myasd.com
Thu Apr 10 11:24:57 EDT 2008

On Apr 10, 2008, at 5:28 AM, Benny Prijono wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 3:57 AM, brad zdanivsky  
> <vertical at intergate.ca> wrote:
>> Hi, I just d/l and compiled the sip stack on mac and was wondering if
>>  anyone had an xcode project setup?
> Not that I'm aware of.
>>  if not, that is my goal, and will share it.
> That would be cool, I've always wanted to have this myself! It will be
> interesting to see how xcode interacts with autoconf though, since the
> settings for MacOS X are generated by the configure script.

I use it in XCode, but I compile via the command line and just copy  
the headers and libs into a folder in my project. It's much easier. :)

Norman Franke
Answering Service for Directors, Inc.

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