[pjsip] A couple of questions.

Nanang Izzuddin nanang at pjsip.org
Fri Apr 11 10:28:13 EDT 2008

Hi Adam (Husain?),

>  Thanks for the reply.  The code I was using was pretty much identical to
>  the code that you posted.  Anyhow, for the moment I've just decided to use
>  the conference bridge.  One question though, do you know where I can get
>  some example mono pcm wav files that pjmedia will definitely play because
>  any that I've tried are apparently incompatible?

Google? ;)

You can create one though, using:
- kind of OS "Sound Recorder" application, or
- pjsip's recfile sample (you may need to set the configuration in the code).

>  At the moment I've got the app to the stage where it's streaming (or at
>  least it seems to be), but unfortunately it's streaming silence because it
>  can't read any of the wav files I give it, or they have the wrong number
>  of channels for the conference bridge :(

Just FYI, the conference bridge from the latest SVN supports
multichannel already


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