[pjsip] THUMB or ARM

Roland Klabunde roland.klabunde at freenet.de
Sat Apr 12 13:39:54 EDT 2008

OK, I got it. It was indeed the ARM tag. FYI: VS 2005, Linker Options, More ?? ("Erweitert" in German), Destination Computer ARM (switch /MACHINE:ARM)


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  Hi experts,

  I was trying to compile Sasa's pjsipdll.dll for Windows Mobile. Generally I succeeded, I have a DLL and I'm able to use the DLL under WM 6.

  For some reasons the Visual Studio debugger refuses to emulate a SmartPhone program. The error is "MissingMethodException PInvoke with pjsipdll.dll", basically the emulator has a problem with the DLL.

  A simple WM dll, written from scratch, does not have problems to cooperate with the emulator. At a first glance, the main difference is, that the "good" dll has the file information "ARM (0x01c0)" whereas pjsipdll.dll comes with "THUMB (0x1c2)". 

  1) Could that cause VS 2005 emulator to refuse to load the DLL?
  2) If 1) is yes: How to get an "ARM" dll?



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