[pjsip] A few question...

Zbigniew Baniewski zb at ispid.com.pl
Sun Apr 13 10:55:24 EDT 2008

Hallo everybody,

I made a first few tests using pjsua - so I've got some first questions and
feature suggestions:

1. When starting pjsua, I'm repeatedly getting a message:

  >>>  15:50:35.136   sound_port.c EC suspended because of inactivity

Is it just information - or kind of error message?

2. Although one can easily save the settings - there's no default settings
filename and location. It would be nicer just to type "pjsua" - and to have
pjsua in such case look for settings in default file ("standard unix-like
naming/location convention" could be used, like f.e. ~/.pjsua).

3. When waiting for the calls, I can see a message, but cannot hear any ring
tone. Is it unavailable right now - or I missed some setting?

4. Feature request: "quick dial" (with "URL completion"). Currently, when
trying to dial, one has to press m first, then <Enter>, then write complete
URL, then again <Enter>... wouldn't be nicer to introduce shorter form,
like "m 0491432134", and in such case pjsua could complete the URL by
itself (if it didn't notice "sip:" at the beginning), using the realm name
stored in settings, and adding "sip:" as a prefix (having thus
"sip:0491432134 at realm.my-sip-provider.com"), and - finally - immediately
making a call, without any further questions.

5. Perhaps in the future could be possible to add pure command-line
interface, and to limit the amount of information provided by pjsua; f.e.
there's really a lot of text when making a call - perhaps that verbosity
could be moved to separate "verbose mode" (new "-v" parameter? Or even two:
"-v" for "print all messages to screen", and "-l" for "log to file"), with
default one somewhat less "noisy" - limited to words like: "registration
at *realm* successful" (or "unsuccessful"), "connected", "busy", "wrong URL",
"1234567 is calling you" - and so on?

Why I'm asking for this? When limiting pjsua's answers to the essential
ones, and making it accept multi-word commands (just like mentioned above
"m 09876478"), pjsua could be "scripted around" using tools like "expect".
Such way one could write one's own user interface for pjsua - using curses
for text-mode, or f.e. using TCL/Tk for graphics. In addition, for such
command-line mode, pjsua's commands could be changed for a bit more clear
ones - f.e. it will be easier to use commands just like "call 0492853578"
instead of "m 123456789" (which is better for "one-key" command in current
interface, I understand this), easier to hangup a call would be by typing
"hangup" - and to hold it just by typing "hold" - and so on. You know: just
nothing to remember... using common english terms instead.

Pay attention, that some of the features - just like ring tone - could be
made at such additional user-interface level (f.e. "expect" detected "incoming
call from..." - so "play ringtone.wav" has been issued), allowing such way
an use of scripting languages to develop pjsua-based sip-phones. pjsua could
be kind of "core" for them.

What do you think?
				pozdrawiam / regards

						Zbigniew Baniewski

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