[pjsip] A few question...

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Sun Apr 13 23:57:58 EDT 2008

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 10:55 AM, Zbigniew Baniewski <zb at ispid.com.pl> wrote:
> Hallo everybody,
>  I made a first few tests using pjsua - so I've got some first questions and
>  feature suggestions:
>  1. When starting pjsua, I'm repeatedly getting a message:
>   >>>  15:50:35.136   sound_port.c EC suspended because of inactivity
>  Is it just information - or kind of error message?

This is just information. Actually each logging information carries a
verbosity level (from 5/tracing to 1/fatal error), but this
information is not printed to screen/file. On Windows you'll get
different colors for each verbosity so it's easier to distinguish
errors from infos.

>  2. Although one can easily save the settings - there's no default settings
>  filename and location. It would be nicer just to type "pjsua" - and to have

Yep. This is because we don't have a proper "make install" yet!

>  pjsua in such case look for settings in default file ("standard unix-like
>  naming/location convention" could be used, like f.e. ~/.pjsua).

Hmm, not sure. Can't find any good reason why not, but I kinda of like
it this way (or maybe it's because I'm so used to it).

>  3. When waiting for the calls, I can see a message, but cannot hear any ring
>  tone. Is it unavailable right now - or I missed some setting?

It's discussed here: http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/wiki/FAQ#ringtone

>  4. Feature request: "quick dial" (with "URL completion"). Currently, when
>  trying to dial, one has to press m first, then <Enter>, then write complete
>  URL, then again <Enter>... wouldn't be nicer to introduce shorter form,
>  like "m 0491432134", and in such case pjsua could complete the URL by

Sure. I've put this feature on some command (like "cc", "cd") but
haven't applied it to any other commands.

>  itself (if it didn't notice "sip:" at the beginning), using the realm name
>  stored in settings, and adding "sip:" as a prefix (having thus
>  "sip:0491432134 at realm.my-sip-provider.com"), and - finally - immediately
>  making a call, without any further questions.

Not sure about that. For me I prefer pjsua to be concise. Anything
more intelligent should be done by a proper user interface.

>  5. Perhaps in the future could be possible to add pure command-line
>  interface, and to limit the amount of information provided by pjsua; f.e.
>  there's really a lot of text when making a call - perhaps that verbosity
>  could be moved to separate "verbose mode" (new "-v" parameter? Or even two:
>  "-v" for "print all messages to screen", and "-l" for "log to file"), with
>  default one somewhat less "noisy" - limited to words like: "registration
>  at *realm* successful" (or "unsuccessful"), "connected", "busy", "wrong URL",
>  "1234567 is calling you" - and so on?

We already have that. Messages important to users are logged at
verbosity 3 or lower. Verbosity higher than 3 (e.g. 4 and 5) are just
more details.

>  Why I'm asking for this? When limiting pjsua's answers to the essential
>  ones, and making it accept multi-word commands (just like mentioned above
>  "m 09876478"), pjsua could be "scripted around" using tools like "expect".
>  Such way one could write one's own user interface for pjsua - using curses
>  for text-mode, or f.e. using TCL/Tk for graphics. In addition, for such
>  command-line mode, pjsua's commands could be changed for a bit more clear
>  ones - f.e. it will be easier to use commands just like "call 0492853578"
>  instead of "m 123456789" (which is better for "one-key" command in current
>  interface, I understand this), easier to hangup a call would be by typing
>  "hangup" - and to hold it just by typing "hold" - and so on. You know: just
>  nothing to remember... using common english terms instead.

I have thought about "expect", but I think probably it's not a good
idea considering that the log messages now are not too consistently
formatted (e.g. "Call 0: disconnected" vs "Some message for call 0").

>  Pay attention, that some of the features - just like ring tone - could be
>  made at such additional user-interface level (f.e. "expect" detected "incoming
>  call from..." - so "play ringtone.wav" has been issued), allowing such way
>  an use of scripting languages to develop pjsua-based sip-phones. pjsua could
>  be kind of "core" for them.
>  What do you think?

My general feeling is I think you'd probably be happier with creating
another pjsua as your scripting core. And that's what Python is for.


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