[pjsip] Debugging silent TLS failure in current SVN build

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz pjsip at encambio.com
Mon Apr 14 17:16:46 EDT 2008

Hello Benny,

An Wed, Apr 09, 2008, Benny PRIJONO schrieb:
>On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 8:40 AM, Michael Schloh von Bennewitz wrote:
>>  I was indeed building with PJ_CONFIG_MINIMAL_SIZE. When I try it
>>  with only '#include <pj/config_site_sample.h>' in config_site.h,
>>  the same thing happens. I'll try to diagnose this TLS problem
>>  when I get more time.
>Still no logs written to console or file? That's strange and shouldn't
>happen. You probably need to do "make clean" first before rebuilding.
That's indeed what kept the logging logic from working. I cleaned
the project and started over to make the logging work. Thanks for
the smart suggestion.

>From the logging, I was able to determine that a new definition is
required to build TLS into pjsua, namely PJSIP_HAS_TLS_TRANSPORT.
Before, I had TLS working just giving the '--enable-ssl' parameter
to aconfigure. Now it seems that if this is done, aconfigure will
not add the proper SSL paths and libraries to the build. This is
quite unintuitive, and probably should be changed. For now, the
workaround is to not declare '--enable-ssl' if enabled SSL is
desired (kind of backwards thinking). I can explain more about
this problematic logic in aconfigure if someone is concerned.


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