[pjsip] about audio question!

cat tanger tanger_wendy at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Apr 16 23:02:03 EDT 2008

  please help me!
  I use pjproject-0.8.0, 
  when i set  audio_frame_ptime = 20,aec = 1,  then  PaRecorderCallback and PaPlayerCallback function run exactly, but aec can't work well, do not cancell echo .
  when i set  audio_frame_ptime = 10,aec = 1,  then  aec can work well . but the PaRecorderCallback and PaPlayerCallback function do not work well, portaudio callback the PaRecorderCallback times far more callback PaPlayerCallback times, example In 500ms  time, callback PaPlayerCallback 500 times,  but callback PaRecorderCallback 600 times, it result the aec continue reset. i find underflow in the PaPlayerCallback.
  pls help me! 

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