[pjsip] NAT traversal problem using pjnath ?

Tilak Adhya tilakadhya at rediffmail.com
Thu Apr 17 05:05:09 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I am new to this list.
I am trying to use pjnath for just getting a solution for NAT
traversal problem. My aim is to come up with a test-client and
test-server such that I will be able to get the public ip:port
and can send RTP media through this using pjnath. I saw 3 binaries
in the "bin" folder of the "pjnath" folder, but when I executed
them, didn't get any information related to ip:port. I just
need the necessary API calls such that NAT traversal problems
can be solved and the code can be integrated to any other server,
which needs to traverse the NAT. I think I am missing something
in this regard.
Awaiting for expert's suggestion/help.

Thanks and Regards
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