[pjsip] Adding "new" codecs?

Markus Vechiorno finalpfc at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 17 06:25:30 EDT 2008

 Hi all,  I am trying to implement speex with different bitrate as different codecs. The reason is that I want to change between them during a call without having to deinitialize and initialize again the speex codec (with a new quality parameter). Benny explained me that the bitrate in speex codec depends on the  selected quality parameter. I made some test and I notice the the different bitrates I am interested in are obtained with: -quality = 2   --> bitrate = 5.9 Kbps -quality = 3 or 4  --> bitrate = 8 Kbps -quality = 5 or 6  --> bitrate = 11 Kbps -quality = 7 or 8  --> bitrate = 15 Kbps -quality = 9  --> bitrate = 18.2 Kbps Well, I want to implement as different codecs. I have read in the pjsip site the way to implement new codecs. What I am trying is to make 4 copies of speex_codec.c and speex_codec.h and name them speex_codec5_9, speex_codec_8, asn so... Doing some test with the original speex_codec, I noticed that puting a specific value (for example 2) when initializing the speex in pjmedia_codec_speex_init function:    spx_factory.speex_param[PARAM_NB].quality = quality; //Put 2 instead of quality on the right side of = then, you could have the speex codec with the bitrate desired.  Getting to the point, which other files do I need to modify to get these 'new' codecs implemented? Where to call the init of each_one? I know it is not clean doing that, but I need to do it. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!   
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