[pjsip] SIP REGISTER problem encountered in symbian build

Alex T. W. LEUNG alexleung at astri.org
Mon Apr 21 03:12:30 EDT 2008

Dear Benny,

You advice is very helpful. I add the below line to ua.cpp:
cfg.allow_contact_rewrite = PJ_FALSE;

This disables the registration update due to contact being different
from ip-addr/port values in Via. Thanks so much.


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On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 3:54 AM, Alex T. W. LEUNG <alexleung at astri.org>
> Hello,
> The symbian_ua failed to register successfully. Instead, it returns:
> pjsua_acc.c SIP registration error: Credential failed to authenticate 
> Both symbian_ua on emulator and symbian_ua on actual device (N82) will

> see the same error. However, strangely, pjsua of release 0.8.0 can 
> register successfully on Windows, using the same sip credentials.
> The above are facts gathered. I suspect that the error may be due to 
> the existence of REGISTER requests with strange CSeq number. In the 
> above capture, CSeq series of 43xxx seems to be normal. But the 
> REGISTER with CSeq 29xxx seems to be quite strange and unnecessary. By

> the way, pjsua (rel
> 0.8.0) on Windows don't generate these kind of strange CSeq series in
> REGISTER process.

Hi Alex,

Since release 0.8.0, we have a feature to automatically update the
registration if the Contact address is different than the Via
received/rport value. Have a look at

This works fine with most servers so far, and it should. Could it be
that your server doesn't like this?


> Thank you for shedding some lights on this issue! Wish you all a good 
> day.
> Alex Leung.

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