[pjsip] Wrong NAT detection with pjstun_client

Alain Totouom alain.totouom at gmx.de
Tue Apr 22 10:23:58 EDT 2008


Helmut Wolf wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> In RFC 3489 the situation is not described if we got no response from the alternate server. I think this is a special network
> configuration I have tested :-) 

IMHO this assertion is not correct.
In such a case you might have 3 possible NAT types
- a port restricted (Test #1 & #3)
- a restricted (Test #1 & #3)
- or a symmetric NAT (Test #1)

depending on one (Test#1) or two (Test #1 & #3) additional tests you'll have to
perform after Test#2 has failed. Please check rfc.3489 page 21 for clarity.


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