[pjsip] Registration status and contact information

Ramzi Touma rtt00 at aub.edu.lb
Mon Apr 28 13:10:05 EDT 2008


I am trying to grab the registration status of an account. I need to see
whether the registration request was accepted by the server for that
specific account or was it rejected due to wrong credentials or some other
reason. In trying to do so I am using the "pjsua_acc_get_info(g_current_acc,
&info);" to see the registration status of "g_current_account" after calling
the "pjsua_acc_add(&cfg, PJ_TRUE, &g_current_acc); " function. And Yes, I
have registration and publish enabled. Now the thing is I am getting the
same text for info.status_text.ptr (In Progress) and info.status ( 100) for
two different registration cases. That is I am getting the same value (In
progess, and 100 respectively) for those two variables when I register with
the correct credentials and when I try registering with wrong credentials.
The server (I am using openser 1.2.2 as proxy) replies with the appropriate
msg for each case. And when using the windows XP version of pjsip, I see
registration error: Credential failed to authenticate
(PJSIP_EFAILEDCREDENTIAL) [status=171100] when registering with wrong
credentials and a success msg otherwise. Now how could I grab such a such a
status variable in my main program to inform myself whether my credentials
were accepted or not?


Oh and one other question, If I am using SIP Proxy, I noticed that NOTIFY
packets contain in the contact header the IP of the proxy server itself
only. So an "info.contact.ptr" would be empty on a buddy state change and
only the info.uri.ptr gives me contact information about the buddy with a
presence state change. Is there a way I could grab the buddy's contact? i.e
is there a way I could grab the XYZ solely from XYZ at sip-proxy instead of
getting the whole  XYZ at sip-proxy string through info.uri.ptr ?




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