[pjsip] PJSIP on Symbian, the audio latency issue as compared to Fring, on N82

Alex T. W. LEUNG alexleung at astri.org
Tue Apr 29 21:04:15 EDT 2008

Hi Benny and pjsip community members,

I have loaded Fring and made a skype-out call on N82. I also experienced
similar (~1sec) voice latency. One speculation might be that Fring is
also being negatively impacted by the Audio Streaming API. Hope this
piece of information may bring some value to those who are working on
this problem.

Benny, regarding your below comment on jitter buffer optimization, would
you please tell me since which SVN version (or date) has it been
integrated? (I would like to know how latest is latest enough.)

Alex Leung.

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On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 3:20 AM, Alex T. W. LEUNG <alexleung at astri.org>
> Dear all,
> I also experienced the below "audio latency" issue. Any speculations 
> on the possible root cause(s) of this?

Frankly I've little idea on this, but Yohannes (on this list) had
suggested to me that it may be due to the audio backend that we use (the
Audio Streaming API) and we may be able to get better latency with using
Audio Proxy Server API instead. Unfortunately we haven't had time or
resource to experiment with this so this has to wait until we're done
with version 1.0.

But it may help if you use the latest version of PJSIP from the SVN
trunk, since we've done a bit of optimization in the jitter buffer to
reduce the latency.

> Anyway, I would like to express my gratitude for the progress pjsip 
> has made so far on the symbian platform. It certainly makes my N82 
> phone more interesting and useful.

Great that you find it useful!


> Alex Leung.

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