[pjsip] PATCH: JNI wrapper for pjsua

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Tue Aug 12 10:21:33 EDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Florian Hackenberger <
f.hackenberger at chello.at> wrote:

> On Friday 08 August 2008, Florian Hackenberger wrote:
> > Comments and patches for the wrapper are welcome!
> Would you be willing to incorporate the JNI wrapper into the pjsip
> distribution or shall I create a separate project for it?
Hi Florian,

strangely I didn't see your 08/08 post in my inbox (not even in the Spam
folder), although I could see it in the mailing list archive in the website.
Sorry for that.

I think due to the lack of Java skills (and in general, interest!) in our
part, probably I could not integrate the JNI wrapper into the main pjsip
distro, so perhaps it's best to start a sourceforge project for this. Or if
setting up a project is too much, I could just upload the tarball as is to
pjsip website (similar to this Tcl wrapper:
http://www.pjsip.org/contrib/pjsiptcl/) and list it here:


> Cheers,
>        Florian
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