[pjsip] memory usage of epoll implementation

Simon Chen simonmychen at seed.net.tw
Mon Aug 18 05:09:49 EDT 2008


    In ioqueue_select.c, memory of pj_ioqueue_key_t will be reused when compiler option "PJ_IOQUEUE_HAS_SAFE_UNREG" is set. But in ioqueue_epoll.c, it doesn't support this. 

    In pj_ioqueue_register_sock(), it allocates the memory and creates a mutex for pj_ioqueue_key_t by pj_pool_zalloc. But these memory will not be released before memory poll is released. This will increase the memory usage after calling pj_ioqueue_register_sock() in ioqueue_epoll.c. Can ioqueue_epoll.c add the same mechanism to avoid the memory increase? Is there any other concern? Thanks!

Simon Chen
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