[pjsip] Symbian S60 APS

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Tue Aug 19 15:25:48 EDT 2008

Shankar Venkataraman wrote:
> I am investigating using APS for Symbian S60 also. However, one thing 
> that I am yet to figure out is the
> "Capability" requirement.
> All documents specify that in order to use APS functionality the 
> application must have "MultimediaDD" capability.  But it is not 
> possible to get that capability in self signed products.
Please consider that having an application signed by symbiansigned.com 
it's a matter of few steps to be done and no serious commercial 
application are shipped unsigned and that the default on all E-series 
phones is "Signed only".

This means that a user will not be able to install the application 
unless they disable the platform security settings.

> Is it possible to use APS without MultimediaDD capability?
No, that's unfortunately a rule of Symbian and Nokia that with their 76% 
of smartphone marketshare can do more or less whatever they want.

However for development, acquiring a DevCert with MultimediaDD require 
few clicks and it's almost immediate.


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