[pjsip] pj_str_t, char*, and ptr

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“tag” is of pj_str_t type.  The length of the string is located at
rdata->msg_info.to->tag.slen. You can use the ptr and slen to copy or
duplicate the string.  Here are some routines that work with pj_str_t
http://www.pjsip.org/pjlib/docs/html/group__PJ__PSTR.htm although none
create a null terminated string from a pj_str_t.


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CHAR szBuffer[4000];  

ZeroMemory(szBuffer, sizeof(szBufffer));

memcpy(szBuffer, rdata->msg_info.to->tag.ptr, rdata->msg_info.to->tag.slen);


PCHAR pszBuffer;

pszBuffer = calloc(rdata->msg_info.to->tag.slen,1);

memcpy(pszBuffer, rdata->msg_info.to->tag.ptr,










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I want to get some information on incoming request from
When I use rdata->msg_info.to->tag.ptr, I obtain tag from the to but also
the rest of the message.
It is because of the "NOT null terminated" for the ptr, or a bug ?
Do you know how I can do this ?
Thanks by advance.


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