[pjsip] the way to debug wince demo app on emulator

Lakmal Molligoda mlakmal at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 03:33:08 EST 2008

Hi All,

I have seen lot of ppl asking how to run wince demo application on pocket pc
emulator. so i thought of giving a heads up for all of them. sorry not
sending this before to the list ... i was busy with other work all this

ill describe each step as follows.

1. first make sure that you have emulator manager 1.0/2.0 installed with
pocket pc 2003 or wm5 pocket pc sdk/emulator images.
2. i assume all of you haven't installed vpc network driver. to install this
goto following site and get the installation


3 after you get this installed start the emulator manager and connect to
pocket pc emulator image. then goto the file->configuration->netwok tab
 there you would be able to select Enable NE2000 PCMCIA netowrk adapter and
bind to option. select that and go out from configuration window.
then goto device OS and goto settings from start menu. then goto connection
tab and network cards. select my network card connection to as Work. then
select the NE2000 compatible ethernet driver. and select dhcp and enter dns
values appropriately and save and exit from it.
and then go back to connection tab and select connections. in thr u need to
goto advanced tab and need to select select networks. in thr u need to
change all the drop down values to "My Work Network". apply everything and
go back to desktop.
finally give a soft boot. when the device boots up it should have connection
established to your network.

to check if the networks ok you could browse to any site through IE.

if all this goes well your wince demo app should be running ok and you would
be able to debug application easily through emulator.

Have Fun ;)

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