[pjsip] Porting to Symbian

Samer Faour smf18 at aub.edu.lb
Fri Feb 8 05:28:45 EST 2008

I have checked out the latest version of PJSIP from the SVN  
repository. I am trying to port the application to Symbian. I followed  
the steps outlined in the Symbian Tutorial.

I am using, as mentioned in the tutorial:
# Symbian S60 3rd Edition Maintenance Release (MR).
# Carbide C++ version 1.2 (Developer Edition)
# Nokia PC Suite 6.85

However, when I build the project using "Build Target only" I  
encounter a single error in line 75 of PJLIB.GCCE:
\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\EPOC32\BUILD\project\pjproject\build.symbian\PJLIB\GCCE\PJLIB.GCCE *** missing separator.   

This is line 75: \..\lib\gcc\arm-none-symbianelf\3.4.3\include"

Any suggestions?

Samer M. Faour
Computer and Communications Engineering
American University of Beirut
P.O. Box 11-0236/ 1461
Riad el Solh Square 1107 - 2020
Email: smf18 at aub.edu.lb


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