[pjsip] Problems with payload.

Giuseppina Senzatela giuseppina.senzatela at eunics.it
Wed Feb 6 06:45:21 EST 2008

Maybe you're right...but I've checked, the bytes_read is always >0 on on_rx_rtp/rtcp callbacks. 

First I create two media transports, one for each UA. 
I initialize the rtp/rtcp session with pjmedia_rtp_session_init / pjmedia_rtcp_init.

I call pjmedia_transport_attach() to attach my RTP/RTCP RX callbacks, one for each UA.

Then I create 2 worker threads, one for each UA in which I call pjmedia_rtp_encode_rtp and then pjmedia_transport_send_rtp/rtcp()  to send the packet with the other transport.

Am I missing something?


AFAIK, the pjmedia_transport doesn't modify any part of the packet.
So perhaps some 'logic error' in the code (buffer sharing, etc).
And please make sure you check the "bytes_read" on on_rx_rtp/rtcp callback,
because it can be < 0.


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