[pjsip] Problem with payload.

Giuseppina Senzatela giuseppina.senzatela at eunics.it
Wed Feb 6 09:50:04 EST 2008

Maybe you're right. It seems easier. 
I'm trying and I don't have any problem on the on_rx_rtp callback.
But if I don't use the pjmedia_rtp_encode_rtp before sending the packet with 
pjmedia_transport_send_rtp to the other transport, how can I know the parameters
 "pkt" (the packet to send) and the "size" (the size of the packet)??

(from the definition: pjmedia_transport_send_rtp(pjmedia_transport *tp, const void *pkt, pj_size_t size))

What do you think?
Thanks, Giusy

I think you should not use the pjmedia_rtp_encode_rtp,
just forward to the UA pair whatever received on on_rx_rtp/rtcp callback.
So you dont need pjmedia_rtp_session_init / pjmedia_rtcp_init.


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