[pjsip] Copy from a stl string to a pj_str_t struct

Andreas Backman andreas.backman at sesca.com
Thu Feb 7 06:06:49 EST 2008



This is probably a very simple question, but I'm still finding it hard
to figure out the best approach.


I'm making a c++ wrapper for the pjsip stack and receives the username,
password etc in a function as stl strings.

I then want to set them in the pjsua_acc_config struct.

For example: The username stl string into pjsua_acc_config.id. What is
the most efficient and best way to do this?


I tried (among other solutions) this one: 

pj_strcpy2(&pjsuaAccountConfig.id, username.c_str());

but the pointer to pjsuaAccountConfig.id.ptr is null, so it can't be
used by memcpy.


I've figured out this one, but it feels a bit clumsy


      char* tmpUsername = new char[username.size()];

      strcpy(tmpUsername, username.c_str());


      pjsua_acc_config pjsuaAccountConfig;


      pjsuaAccountConfig.id = pj_str(tmpUserId);


Any other ideas?




Andreas Backman

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