[pjsip] Register using proxy

jorge.amador at withus.pt jorge.amador at withus.pt
Fri Feb 8 13:09:52 EST 2008

Hi Benny,

In fact I didn't need to change much. After getting the latest svn  
version I only changed the file sip_config.h where I changed the  
definition of PJSIP_HAS_DIGEST_AKA_AUTH from 0 to 1. Then I use the  
following configuration:

acc_cfg[0].id                                 =  
pj_str("sip:yoursipurl at sipserver");

acc_cfg[0].reg_uri                            = pj_str("sip:sipserver");

acc_cfg[0].proxy[0]                           = pj_str("sip:sipproxy;lr");

acc_cfg[0].proxy_cnt                          = 1;

acc_cfg[0].cred_count                         = 1;

acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].realm                 = pj_str("*");

acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].scheme                = pj_str("digest");

acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].username              = pj_str("yourusername");

acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].data                  = pj_str("yourpassword");

acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].data_type             =  

app_config.acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].ext.aka.k  = pj_str("yourpassword");

app_config.acc_cfg[0].cred_info[0].ext.aka.cb =  

This was enough to solve my problem. Hope it helps. Relating the issue  
I told you about in the last e-mail I forgot to mention that the my  
dns is correctly configured in /etc/resolv_conf. Still if I configure  
the proxy's address with the IP address it works fine but if I use its  
url it doesn't register. Any idea what could be wrong? Best regards,

Jorge Amador

Quoting Benny Prijono <bennylp at pjsip.org>:

> Hi Jorge,
> that's good news! Would you mind sharing your configuration to us? I
> wanted to write a small doc on configuring PJSIP to work with IMS, but
> unfortunately I forgot most of the settings. :D
> cheers.
>  -benny
> On 2/7/08, jorge.amador at withus.pt <jorge.amador at withus.pt> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Thank you all for your hints. I'm now able to register to the P-CSCF.
>> I had to get the latest svn version and use aka authentication as well
>> as loose routing. Still I have a curious situation going on. If I
>> configure the proxy's address with the IP address it works fine but if
>> I use its url it doesn't register. In both cases I configure the
>> server's address with its url. Any clue what might be  wrong? Best
>> regards,
>> Jorge Amador
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