[pjsip] Calling Xlite Counterpath

P.J. Cast. pjcast at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 18:10:25 EST 2008

Using a fairly recent SVN version of pjsip, (it has
been like since first version I tried in December)
calling an Xlite phone does not work. I could provide
a SIP Packet Capture if it might help... But, the
issue seems so easy to reproduce that I think that is
not needed.

Basically, when calling from pjsip client (pjsua demo)
to Xlite phone, it gets the INVITE message, and sends
200 OK - but with no media. Hence, there is a
connected call, but for whatever reason, media
negotiation broke. Happens always... which is why I
wonder why no one else has mentioned this?

It seems to me that something pjsip is sending is
breaking xlite's ability to chose a codec (I tried
enable all codecs and enabling just PCMU). However,
when Xlite calls pjsip client, everything works as

I think Xlite is broken in someway, as the pjsip
client (so far) has been able to place calls to any
other SIP device. But, Xlite seems like it is fairly
widely used, so I hope that the issue is a simple fix.
It is possible that the issue is somehow caused from
the SIP Proxy I am using to call through, but since
everything else but Xlite phone is working great, I
don't really see how.


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