[pjsip] Calling Xlite Counterpath

Alain Totouom alain.totouom at gmx.de
Fri Feb 8 19:20:39 EST 2008


P.J. Cast. wrote:
> Using a fairly recent SVN version of pjsip, (it has
> been like since first version I tried in December)
> calling an Xlite phone does not work. I could provide
> a SIP Packet Capture if it might help... But, the
> issue seems so easy to reproduce that I think that is
> not needed.
can you provide (PM is also ok) a SIP packet capture of your call/test. It's 
then easy to trace what is going wrong...

> I think Xlite is broken in someway, as the pjsip
> client (so far) has been able to place calls to any
> other SIP device. But, Xlite seems like it is fairly
> widely used, so I hope that the issue is a simple fix.
> It is possible that the issue is somehow caused from
> the SIP Proxy I am using to call through, but since
> everything else but Xlite phone is working great, I
> don't really see how.

Xlite ;o)
Send the file even as a private mail and we'll check it and comeback to you


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