[pjsip] Porting to Symbian

Samer Faour smf18 at aub.edu.lb
Sun Feb 10 06:20:43 EST 2008

Thanks that helps, but I had already uninstalled and reinstalled Perl,  
the ARM toolchain, and the SDK and the problem was resolved. But yeah  
I think that simply adding that line to the PATH environment variable  
would have solved the problem.

So everything went smoothly until "Installing TRK Application on the Phone".
I get the following error message in the Nokia Application Installer  
for both files:

"The application installer in the phone does not support the file  
format of the application that was tried to be installed."

I tried it on a Nokia N70 phone that has the latest firmware on it.  
Any thoughts?

Samer M. Faour
Computer and Communications Engineering
American University of Beirut
P.O. Box 11-0236/ 1461
Riad el Solh Square 1107 - 2020
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