[pjsip] specify transport in and when making calls

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Mon Feb 11 08:46:56 EST 2008


1. question:

I wonder if it is possible (using pjsua API) to use TLS as transport, 
but have the following REGISTER request:

REGISTER sip:domain SIP/2.0

That is:
- registrar URI without port 5061 and without transport parameter
- no Route header

2. question
application registered 2 transports: UDP and TLS

application registers account1: reg-URL=sip:domain1;transport=tls
  --> TLS transport will be used
application registers account2: reg-URL=sip:domain2;transport=udp
  --> UDP transport will be used

Now, if the application makes an outgoing call to sip:user at domain using 
account 1 - which transport will be used? TLS (as registration was done 
via TLS) or UDP (as there is no transport=TLS parameter)?

3. question:
I used pjsua application and registered via TLS. In outgoing calls to a 
SIP URI, the Contact URI is now a SIPS URI - why? I think just because 
the first hop is secured this does not mean that all hops will be 
secure. I think the Contact should be a SIPS URI only if the called URI 
is also a SIPS URI.


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