[pjsip] release 1788 - possible issues

tloginbr-pjsip at yahoo.com.br tloginbr-pjsip at yahoo.com.br
Mon Feb 11 08:53:54 EST 2008

Hi all,

I got r1788 and had a few issues here. When I try compiling I get the
error bellow:
../src/pj/ioqueue_select.c:45:5: error: #error
"PJ_IOQUEUE_MAX_HANDLES cannot be greater than FD_SETSIZE"

my config_site.h:

#   define PJ_SCANNER_USE_BITWISE       0
#   define PJ_OS_HAS_CHECK_STACK        0
#   define PJ_LOG_MAX_LEVEL             4
#   define PJ_ENABLE_EXTRA_CHECK        0
#   define PJ_IOQUEUE_MAX_HANDLES       5000
#   define PJSIP_MAX_TSX_COUNT          ((640*1024)-1)
#   define PJSIP_MAX_DIALOG_COUNT       ((640*1024)-1)
#   define PJSIP_UDP_SO_SNDBUF_SIZE     (24*1024*1024)
#   define PJSIP_UDP_SO_RCVBUF_SIZE     (24*1024*1024)
#   define PJ_DEBUG                     0
#   define PJSIP_SAFE_MODULE            0
#   define PJ_HAS_STRICMP_ALNUM         1
#   define PJ_HASH_USE_OWN_TOLOWER      1
#   define PJSIP_UNESCAPE_IN_PLACE      1
#   define PJSUA_MAX_CALLS              512

if I comment out the line with PJ_IOQUEUE_MAX_HANDLES it compiles
fine, but then I have problems to start the application with a high
number of calls, saying that I can't create that many objects when it
tries to listen for the udp ports (I've tried using 250 calls in

I also found a thing with the logs. When I set Console Level to 4 and
log level to 0, the console log is also 0. I have to set both console
log level and log level to 4 if I want to have a log level of 4 in my
console. It's not really a problem for my application, but it seems
interesting to point out.

I don't really have the time right now to find the problems in the
code, sorry for just showing them and not fixing anything.

My previous version (that works fine) is release 1629.



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