[pjsip] UMTS Troubleshooting

Tzury Bar Yochay tzury.by at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 06:41:31 EST 2008


I got my pjsua_wince working great over WiFi.

However, when switching to UMTS and try to connect to asterisk under the
following layout:

Asterisk on
Workstation on with sjphone (ext. 200)

Both behind a router with certain public IP.

HTC device with pjsua_wince installed (ext. 205) and configured properly to
use the public IP and to call the extension.

I also set DMZ on the router to eliminate NAT Issues.

I observe the following symptom:

Pressing call button on pjsua_wince makes the SoftPhone on the workstation
to ring but pressing answer on the softphone don't cause a start of call.

By running wireshark I can see that there is a query from the router IP
which reads "Who has 10.220.y.z" which I assume is the private IP that the
HTC got from the GSM provider and since 10.220.y.z is not a "legal" IP it
search inside the lan which ofcourse has no such address.

In short,  I suspect that the GSM provider provide the internal IP instead
of the public one which preven the ACK from reaching the end-point.

This might be beyond the scope of pjsip but I wonder if anybody have
struggled with this ip-translation issue.

Thanks in advance
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