[pjsip] Question about stream.c

Michael Broughton Michael_Broughton at advanis.ca
Thu Feb 14 10:36:34 EST 2008

Benny Prijono wrote:
> Erm, we have three cases to handle, lets exercise them here.
> First is processing DTMF callback while other thread is trying to
> destroy the stream/call. This scenario is the same as our original
> stream problem, so it should have been fixed by the latest patch. We
> wouldn't even get into the soft deadlock state as on_dtmf() callback,
> so we should be safe.
> (this still assumes current situation where on_dtmf() callback doesn't
> hold any call mutexes. Once we change on_dtmf() to acquire call mutex,
> then yes, this would be covered by acquire_call(), i.e. one of the
> thread will wait until the other is done
> Although, hmmm.. thinking about it again, if we implement call locking
> in on_dtmf() callback, actually we will get into deadlock, as media
> transport mutex is not included in the standard lock order!

Correct, but I was thinking that the timeout in acquire_call would allow 
for a graceful failure (soft deadlock). I suppose it isn't a big deal if 
a DTMF event is dropped while you are trying to shutdown the stream.

> So maybe having call lock in on_dtmf() callback is not a good idea after all).

For my application, I think it is necessary because I need to manipulate 
the call from the DTMF callback. I don't think handling the DTMF events 
asynchronously will be responsive enough, and may cause other timing 
issues with my application.

> The second case is destroying the call in the DTMF callback itself,
> but leaving the UDP transport alive. This scenario also should be
> safe.
> The third case is destroying the call *and* the UDP transport in the
> DTMF callback. The difference between this and scenario 2 is when the
> UDP transport is destroyed, so is the pool associated with it, so all
> memory belonging to the UDP transport will be invalid after UDP
> transport is destroyed.
> For the third scenario, it was not safe to do that, but this should
> have been fixed by http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/ticket/469#comment:2, I
> think.
> So all cases should be covered for now.
> cheers,
>  -benny

Michael Broughton, Advanis

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