[pjsip] No RTP over UMTS

Tzury Bar Yochay tzury.by at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 13:14:05 EST 2008

Here is the layout:

SoftPhone on WinXP @
Asterisk on VirtualBox on this WinXP (Bridged) @
HTC SmartPhone @ (STUN is active)

When trying to connect via GPRS, I Can see the following symptoms:

   1. RTP from the SmartPhone ( is not reaching the
   2. RTP from Desktop SoftPhone to dose not heard in the

I would add that when connecting with WiFi (same LAN) everything works fine
[thanks for the STUN tip *Angelos;-) ].
*Moreover, the signaling part works smoothly. Using WireShark as well as
looking at the softphone behavior and logs,  I see all the REGISTER, INVITE,
ACK, and others traversing over the NATs without any problem.

dose anybody coped with such or alike?
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