[pjsip] Need help regarding Session identifier in SIP/SDP

Sharanagoud BD. sharanagoud_bd at spanservices.com
Sat Feb 16 03:51:14 EST 2008

HI all,
can we have different session identifiers for a session??
Scenario: For INVITE (Offer) im getting 200 OK (Answer). And it will
have one session id at "o" line in sdp.
I will send re-INVITE with different session id. Is it possible???
Plz let me know




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Subject: [pjsip] Need help to use Strict routing in multiple route set

Hi all,
Im using Pjsip client for SIPALG testing. But for testing multiple route
set is possible only for Loose routing as i know about pjsip.
EX: To specify any proxy in between UA we need to use it as  ( --proxy
       It means it will support only loose routing as its mandatory that
we have to specify lr parameter in proxy settings as shown above.
       But i want to use multiple route set for strict routing, So can
anyone help regarding this issue??
      Or else atleast i want to know the SIP clients which can support
multiple routes for strict routing.

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