[pjsip] Integrating PJSIP into Mozilla Framework

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Tue Feb 19 15:52:30 EST 2008

On 2/19/08, Adeyeye Oluwasegun Michael <micadeyeye at crg.ee.uct.ac.za> wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> I am currently integrating PJSIP into Mozilla Firefox in order to achieve
> HTTP Session Mobility using SIP. My research intention is to transfer web
> sessions between web browsers using SIP. Though I planned sending the
> data(contents of cookies, rewritten URL, hidden element) via SIP INFO, at
> present, I am sending the data as IM(Instant Messaging).

Hi Adeyeye,

Interesting! I didn't know that we can use SIP for that.

> While I have accomplished the task of transferring URL from a browser's
> addressbar to another as IM data using pjsua_im_send(), I haven't been
> able to retrieve the data at the destination browser. I wish you had a
> function like pjsua_im_send() that can help retrieve such data. I tried
> couple of things such as trying to implement the callback, getting value
> of "msg" attribute in the IM message struct pjsua_msg_data/pjsip_rx_data
> but all were futile.

Sorry I don't quite get you. Did you want to retrieve a particular
message element (such as header or message body) from an incoming IM?
Will this help: http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/wiki/FAQ#pjsip_event ?


> Do you know if such data is stored in variable not listed in the PJSUA
> module/API?
> Your contributions are welcome.
> Mike.
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