[pjsip] Hello, some issues of porting

Rodrigo Vega vegaroy13 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 20:46:36 EST 2008

Hi Benny:

I have tested PJ_SUA for Windows and Linux, the example program runs on both
platforms, even over Python.

My question is, can I use PJ_SUA for Windows Mobile and Symbian? just using
pj_sua.h?? and then just using de PJ_SUA API??

What I can notice is that the examples for both platforms uses the PJSIP and
the other libraries, but not using PJ_SUA API, em I correct?
and, why I cannot use PJ_SUA over that platforms.

Executing the examples for those platforms I see that the use is just basic
and requires a lot of documentation about those separate libraries, I mean,
it is not as simple as using PJ_SUA.

Thanks for your comments.
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