[pjsip] Hello, some issues of porting

Perry Ismangil perry at pjsip.org
Wed Feb 20 07:04:31 EST 2008

Hi Rodrigo,

pjsua works for both Windows Mobile and Symbian. Have you followed the
build and install instructions.

So the answer is yes, you can use PJSUA-API for Windows Mobile and Symbian.

On 2/20/08, Rodrigo Vega <vegaroy13 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Benny:
> I have tested PJ_SUA for Windows and Linux, the example program runs on both
> platforms, even over Python.
> My question is, can I use PJ_SUA for Windows Mobile and Symbian? just using
> pj_sua.h?? and then just using de PJ_SUA API??
> What I can notice is that the examples for both platforms uses the PJSIP and
> the other libraries, but not using PJ_SUA API, em I correct?
> and, why I cannot use PJ_SUA over that platforms.
> Executing the examples for those platforms I see that the use is just basic
> and requires a lot of documentation about those separate libraries, I mean,
> it is not as simple as using PJ_SUA.
> Thanks for your comments.
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Perry Ismangil

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