[pjsip] bug in write_port()?? - conference.c

Anshuman S. Rawat arawat at 3clogic.com
Wed Feb 20 07:31:26 EST 2008

Hi Benny,

>From our wireshark/ethereal reports we were seeing RTP packets being sent out consistently at 10ms intervals instead of 20ms which is what ptime is (with G729 & G711 codecs - did not try any other codec). As it turned out that RTP packets were sent at 10ms intervals when silence was detected and 20ms when audio is detected.

The issue was traced to the write_port() in conference.c. Seems like resampling is not done for silence/null frames and sent directly over the wire resulting in a RTP packet every 10ms. Though this did not cause any noticeable voice quality issue but it will definitely cause serious impact on the receiver's JB. Note - clock rate for conf bridge is 16000.

This looks like a bug to us. We are at revision 1738 so not sure if this has been fixed in a later revision. Or is it intended to do exactly as reported above? If yes, why?

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