[pjsip] Dialog creation faied -error on arm

Anitha Suresh anitharaj_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 20:30:37 EST 2008

Hi benny,

Pjsua is not able create dialog on arm.When i say make call and enter sip:uri
DIALOG CREATION is not happening...

Make call: sip:
 00:26:18.376   pjsua_call.c Making call with acc #0 to sip:
 00:26:18.377   pjsua_call.c Dialog creation failed: Invalid URI (PJSIP_EINVALI]

I am not able find whats going wrong..
pjsua is working fine on i686,so i have one system running pjsua built for linux and another system , pjsua built for arm.

message is going from i686 to arm and even when call is made ,Request msg is going to arm but arm is not able to respond to it nor it can initiate the call...

Is any thing related to THREAD causing this ?
Could you please provide the solution for this...

This is the  command line arguments  that iam giving while running pjsua:
./pjsua --null-audio

Anitha suresh

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