[pjsip] Application crash on Windows Mobile 5.0

Benny Prijono bennylp at pjsip.org
Thu Feb 21 04:56:19 EST 2008

On 2/19/08, Samer Faour <smf18 at aub.edu.lb> wrote:
> OK so I tried running the application with each of the available
>  codecs in turn (by setting priority 0 for the others), and it seems
>  that GSM is the only codec that is working with the PDAs.
>  I've added the following line to improve sound quality to config_site.h:
>  The sound quality is not very good and I want to try to improve it
>  further. There is a delay of 1 or 2 seconds at times and audio
>  dropouts as well. The CPU Utilization is low so that's not an issue. I
>  did not find any audio underflows/overflows either. What else can I do?
>  And anyway, how can I make the other codecs work? The current behavior
>  is either crash of application (on pcma and pcmu) or a weird humm
>  [very bad understandable voice] (for
>  speex/8000,speex/16000,speex/32000, and ilbc). The clock rate is the
>  default of 8000 Hz.

I tried the latest SVN with PocketPC 2003 yesterday and it seems to
work just fine. I can make call using pcma, pcmu, and gsm fine. No
crash or anything nasty. Couldn't try with speex or iLBC since my poor
PDA is too slow for the codec.

What's in your config_site.h? Make sure it includes
<pj/config_site_sample.h> to activate WinCE specific settings.


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