[pjsip] SRTP lib memory leak

Nanang Izzuddin nanang.izzuddin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 06:51:07 EST 2008

Hi Quang,

I just did a brief check, and yes, there is srtp_init and no srtp_deinit.
and I could not find srtp_deinit (or variant) in the libsrtp API.

However since srtp_init is only called once for the application lifetime and

each SRTP session is already cleaned up by srtp_dealloc,
the memory leak should be occurred only once for app lifetime
(I haven't checked further about this).

So I think (custom) tweak is needed to get srtp deinit-ed.
I will get back to this issue soon,
it would be great if somebody has done/implemented the srtp deinit.

Thanks for the report.


On 22/02/2008, Truong Thanh Quang <quangtt at softend.vn> wrote:
>  Hi Benny,
> I got r1815, runing on WinXP, complier MSVC6.
> I got memory leak report of 17 mem objects. (See 3 attached pictures)
> Start app without any call (no call to srtp_init()) -> no leak
> Compile with no SRTP (#define *PJMEDIA_HAS_SRTP 0) *-> no leak
> Maybe SRTP de-init function was not called.
> Regards,
> quang
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