[pjsip] Error in stateful proxy

Helmut Wolf HelmutWolf1 at gmx.de
Tue Feb 26 05:30:26 EST 2008

Hi Benny,

I've got a problem with stateful_proxy: A Cancel request sometimes causes a software abortion because assertion failed:
../src/pjsip/sip_util.c:556: pjsip_endpt_create_cancel: Assertion `req_tdata->msg->type == PJSIP_REQUEST_MSG &&
req_tdata->msg->line.req.method.id == PJSIP_INVITE_METHOD' failed. 

The call flow for this example was:

UA         pjsip stateful_proxy         SIP Server
--         --------------------         ----------

  Invite ->
                               Invite ->
  <- trying
                               <- trying
                               <- 407
                                 ACK ->
   <- 407
   CANCEL ->
   <- 200 Ok

	--> Assertion failed

The assertion failed because in stateful_proxy.c: proxy_on_rx_request: pjsip_endpt_create_cancel: uas_data->uac_tsx->last_tx the ACK
message is saved, not the INVITE message.

Thank you for help!

Best regards,

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