[pjsip] destroying pjsip_tx_data manually

Roman Puls pjsip at x-fabric.com
Tue Feb 26 12:25:05 EST 2008

Hi together,

does "pjsip_tx_data_dec_ref" release the memory of a "pjsip_tx_data" structure that has been created with "pjsip_endpt_create_request" before?

I am asking that since several errors can occur (in my software) before I have the change to call "pjsip_endpt_send_request" (and I want to avoid memory leakage as far as possible) ;-)

BTW: does "pjsip_endpt_send_request" release the memory after the callback (regardless of success in terms of sending)?

Thanks again for that excellent piece of software!
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