[pjsip] SIP Browser Embedded

Thomas Plotkowiak plotti at gmx.net
Fri Feb 29 09:14:16 EST 2008

I was wondering what alternatives there are out there if I want to offer SIP
VoiP Telephony directly out of the browser, for Internet Explorer and
Firefox, platform independent.
Two main candidates for this approach would be Flash and Java Applets, both
are widely supported. I also thought about ActiveX.

Possible Java candidates are:
JAIN-SIP-Applet-Phone  - needs to install JMF, so useless, for
nonexperienced users.
SIP Communicator <http://www.sip-communicator.org/index.php> - is written in
Java, but I dont see an Applet.

It seems though Java needs the JMF to work with audio and video, so this
approach is pretty useless.

Possible Flash candidates are:
WengoVisio - but you are limited to use their service, yet it shows that is
seems to be doable.
TringMe - seems to work with any sip provider. yet lacks video support.
<http://www.flashphone.ru/>Flashphone <http://www.flashphone.ru/> - also
limited to use a certain provider.

Possible ActiveX candidates:
VaxVoip - *Unlimited simultaneous call/voice sessions*** *$12,000 ...
*PjSiP - This would open possibility to write SIP User Agents in Visual
Basic (VB) or C# .NET. Once we had an experimental ActiveX component for
pjsua-lib, but the development has been cancelled in favor of Python (which
can generate ActiveX too!).

Are there any details about the activex implementation of pjsip? Or maybe
more candidates?

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