[pjsip] Configure PJMEDIA_UDP_NO_SRC_ADDR_CHECKING viaconfig_site.h

Velthoen, Arie Arie.Velthoen at nec-philips.com
Fri Feb 29 09:26:15 EST 2008


Thank you for your response.
I probably will make a patch later.

Best regards,

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On 2/27/08, Velthoen, Arie <Arie.Velthoen at nec-philips.com> wrote:
> Hi Benny,
> I had the following problem:
> My PJSUA-like application is based on release 0.8.0.
> After it has cleared a call, the opposite involved SIP-phone kept on 
> sending RTP (due to some error condition elsewhere).
> After answering the next call my application switches the RTP address 
> alternatingly between the old and new party:
> udpmedia      Remote RTP address switched to
> udpmedia      Remote RTP address switched to
> ...
> I found in the mail-archive that this can be solved in my case by:
> supplying option PJMEDIA_UDP_NO_SRC_ADDR_CHECKING for 
> pjmedia_transport_udp_attach in pjsua_media.c
> This works for my application, although the old RTP stream is 
> troubling causing "jitter buffer reset".
> Now my question is:
> Can the option PJMEDIA_UDP_NO_SRC_ADDR_CHECKING be made available via 
> config_site.h ?
> This way it is easier to include new developments to pjproject in my 
> application.

Hi Arie,

frankly I don't know how to make the option configurable via
config_site.h at pjmedia level. At best, we can probably have a flag in
pjsua.h to specify default flag when creating media transport.

Care to make patch? ;-)


> Best regards,
> Arie Velthoen

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