[pjsip] Use of the module RTP...???

Douglas Cortez dlcortez at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 15:06:26 EST 2008

Good afternoon .-

First of all, excuse my English ...

I am writing at this time to resolve a question that I have, my doubt is: I
am using the library PJSIP order to transmit video packages, but can not
grasp that point or part of the library, make use of any method for build
and send and receive packages RTP video. In other words, how can I make use
of the RTP module to send and receive video packages?

In advance, thank you ...

Douglas Cortez
dlcortez at gmail.com
Venezuela-Edo. Aragua

"No se puede desatar un nudo sin saber cómo está hecho" Aristóteles
"Todos somos muy ignorantes, lo que ocurre es que no todos ignoramos las
mismas cosas" Albert Einstein
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