[pjsip] Use of the module RTP...???

Nanang Izzuddin nanang.izzuddin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 17:40:16 EST 2008

Hi Douglas,

Perhaps you can start by checking this FAQ about video:

and about 'how to use', please take a look at the documentations, e.g:

You may also need to see some samples in the source code.


On 29/02/2008, Douglas Cortez <dlcortez at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good afternoon .-
> First of all, excuse my English ...
> I am writing at this time to resolve a question that I have, my doubt is:
> I am using the library PJSIP order to transmit video packages, but can not
> grasp that point or part of the library, make use of any method for build
> and send and receive packages RTP video. In other words, how can I make use
> of the RTP module to send and receive video packages?
> In advance, thank you ...
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